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(Subaru EX® Gasoline Engine Driven)



10.8 scfm (18.4 m3/hr) / 5000 psi (345 bar)

Originally designed for the U.S. Marine Corps. This commercial adaptation is the preferred choice for a remote refill station where power is not available.


Used by the Military, Wild Land Fire Fighting Rescue Units, USAR- Urban Search and Resuce, Dive Centers, Rescue Units and Paintball Fields. The Max-Air® 90GS/Mini-PBAC can be quickly loaded into a Humvee, pickup truck, boat or trailer for on-site refilling of SCBA’s, SCUBA cylinders and mobile cascades.

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Standard Features Included in Base Price

10.8 scfm (18.4 m3/hr)** 5000 psi, Reliable air cooled, rope start, 9HP Honda® gasoline engine, Mounted on a durable, heavy duty, powder coated steel frame, Retractable carry handles (4) each/(4) persons, Tri-chem breathing air purification system with activated carbon / 13X molecular sieve / hopcalite, Disposable purification cartridge is easy to replace, Breathing air processing capacity of 10,000 cft @ 72°F or approximately 18 hours run time, Digital Hour/Tachometer (standard on gasoline models only), New large capacity separators for Hot/Humid climates, Manual condensate drains, Pressure maintaining valve, Automatic shut down pressure switch #AS-1001, Pressure relief valve on all stages, Intake filter, Final pressure gauge 0-5800 psi (400 bar), Engine oil drain extension tube, 58 oz (1.7 L) MaxLube 501 synthetic compressor oil (1st oil change), (2) filling hose with On/Off valve and Bleed (SCUBA yoke, SCBA, DIN300 or Paintball), 6 foot, rigid, two piece intake tube; easy to stow, Spare parts list and owner’s manual, One Year Warranty

Factory options not included in base price

CD-1000 :Automatic condensate drain with timers preset to drain periodically and on shut down, SG-90: External oil level sight glass, IS-1000: Interstage pressure gauges, MI-4000: Air line visual Moisture/CO indicator for cartridge life, LO-1005 : Low oil shut down switch, HT-1006 : High temperature shut down switch, ES-90-G: Electric start engine with battery recharge, PU-35000: Up-grade purification capacity to 35,000 cft @ 72°F or prox 65 hours run time, BP-12V-G: 12V Battery Package with recharge feature, LW-90PBAC-S: Swivel, steel locking wheel set (4 each) Can only be installed with ES-90-G and BP-12V-G unless 12VDC power is supplied by customer

Specifications Pumping Group

Construction: Continuous duty, air cooled, three stage, three cylinder high pressure compressor. ALL STAINLESS STEEL INTERSTAGE AND FINAL STAGE COOLERS., Max. Pressure: 5000 psig (340 bar), Output Prox: 9.0 F.A.D.; 10.8 scfm (18.4 m3/hr) charging rate **, Lubrication: Splash lubrication with oil thrower pin, Oil type: MaxLube 501 synthetic compressor oil, Drive Motor: Air cooled, rope start, 9 HP, Honda® engine, Refill time Output 10.8 scfm (18.4 m3/hr)**; 7.5 minutes* *Time required to fill and 80 cu. Ft. cylinder from 500 to 3000 psig **Based on charging an 80 cu. Ft. cylinder from 500 to 3000 psig ***Specifications and prices subject to change without notice


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