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Max-Air provides the highest quality Scuba Diving, Paintball, Industrial and Police & Firefighting Breathing Air Compressors. With decades of experience in building and providing breathing air products, we understand your need for a reliable and hardworking compressor specifically when lives are on the line. Max-Air’s line of portable and high pressure breathing air compressors for Scuba, Police, Firefighters, Military, Paintball, and Industrial use cases ensure that your crews will have the right amount of fresh air when they need it.

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With decades of experience in high pressure breathing air compressors, fill stations, and air storage, Max-Air is the professional’s choice for durable and reliable breathing air systems and air tools.

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Max-Air provides high pressure breathing air compressors, air tools, fill stations, air storage, parts & consumables, custom built compressors, paintball compressors, scuba compressors, fire & safety compressors, and industrial compressor systems.

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